April 14

World Book Night Draws Near

Exciting email received today from the team at World Book Night. It seems that my copies of Gorky Park should now be waiting for me at my designated collection point.

April 23rd draws ever closer and I will be looking for good homes for my 18 copies of Gorky Park – hoping also that I cross paths with another book giver who may introduce me to an author I have not read yet.

The first World Book Night (2011) remains my favourite to date as it landed in the middle of Glasgow’s Aye Write festival.  I attended a fantastically bookish evening in the beautiful Mitchell Library. I got to mix with other bookworms and even had the chance to hear Jo Nesbo and Mark Billingham discuss their writing careers.

Wonder what 2014 will bring?



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April 7

Ash – from the pending pile…

After clearing the Agatha Christie collection I was ready to embrace a new author – it was Summer 1990, I was 15 and I was ready to read a HORROR story.  Stephen King seemed the obvious choice but one of the benefits of working in a bookshop was that people are always keen to discuss books they enjoy. Sadly I cannot remember the customer who put me onto James Herbert’s books but I still thank them to this day. The Rats/Lair/Domain trilogy remains a favourite.

Sadly Mr Herbert passed away last year just after the publication of Ash. I bought the book on the week of release (aided by a crazy 20p Kindle offer) and have waited for months to read it. It had been several years since I read a James Herbert novel, this was to be the last one: I couldn’t rush it.

Today my resolve finally broke. I wanted a new book, plenty to choose from but nothing was taking my fancy. Click through the Kindle library….ASH. Bingo!

Not a full write up today as I am still enjoying the read – but I have to say the wait has been worth it. Spooky Scottish castle, strange and unexplained occurrences and a recurring hero in the titular David Ash. Loving the anticipation of what is to come, more to follow.

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