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Ava Marsh – Untouchable and Exposure Q&A

ExposureI recently had the chance to chat with Ava Marsh and Marnie Riches about the darker side to writing and researching their books.  Today I am thrilled to welcome back Ava so that I can chat a bit more about Untouchable and Exposure and ask what the reader feedback has been like.


The Untouchable Response and Igniting New Exposure

How did you find the reader reaction to Untouchable?

Actually I was pleasantly surprised. Not just because the reviews were generally positive, but also because I’d been rather worried about how some of the more hardcore sex scenes would go down. I felt they were integral to the story, but I was concerned people might find them over-the-top. I was very relieved when that proved not to be the case. Although explicit content is not for everyone, readers seem unanimous that the sex wasn’t gratuitous.

Did the responses to Untouchable influence how Exposure developed?

Publishing timescales being what they are, I’d finished the first draft of Exposure months before Untouchable came out. But the fact that Untouchable had been picked up by an agent and two publishers – Transworld in the UK and Berkley Penguin in the US – gave me some confidence that I was on the right track. I’d always had in mind a blend of thriller with a more explicit side – sort of Gone Girl meets 50 Shades – but was concerned it wouldn’t work as a blend of genres. So it was a relief to know at least some people had enjoyed it!

I did worry quite a lot about Exposure. I didn’t want to repeat the same kind of narrative pull through the story so tried for something different. Psychologically, Kitty and Grace are poles apart.

UntouchableI noticed the ‘party’ scene created something of a stir in the reviews I read.  Did that surprise you or did you know as you wrote it that this would be a much discussed element of the story?

I guess I always knew that Untouchable scene was a bit ‘out there’, though I also knew that these things do occur in real life – those kinds of escort parties, I mean – rather than all the ‘bad guys’ thrillery stuff! It was a tremendously fun scene to write – I googled pictures of the girls’ outfits, and the apartment where it was held, and amused myself by thinking up all the little accoutrements they’d offer the guests. And I loved writing any scene with Alex in it.

Is there any way that Grace and Kitty could have crossed paths (or ever do so in future)?  I have my fanboy hat on here and thinking kindle novella/bonus additional extract in book 3?

You know, I did consider this when I was writing Exposure. Grace, as you’re aware, once worked as a psychologist, and I was very tempted to have her play the part of Yvonne in Exposure. But it wouldn’t work in terms of timings, and I felt it was a bit of a stretch. But I love it when writers play those kinds of games, having characters from previous novels turn up in their next. But I like your idea of a bonus novella or extract. I might give that some serious thought!


Ava Marsh SilhouetteThanks Ava

You can order a copy of Exposure by clicking through on this link.

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