January 31

The Bucktown Babies – Janine R Pestel

A former priest and demon hunter, Father Gunter is a demon’s worst nightmare. But even he will need help to destroy the demons that threaten the small farming community of Bucktown. When he sees a news broadcast about tragic events taking place in the town, he realizes he has work to do.

Along the way, help arrives – but from an unexpected source. Will it be enough to see the demon hunter through the final showdown with evil?



My thanks to Anne Cater for the chance to host a leg of the Bucktown Babies blog tour


It is the oldest battle: Good vs Evil. In The Bucktown Babies the forces of Good are represented by Father Gunter (once a priest but now a demon hunter). Evil is represented by…well by a Demon so it is a relief Father Gunter is on hand.

It has been a while since I read an out and out horror novel.  Ghost stories can flit around with thriller and chiller titles but demons, demonic possession and dead children is pure horror fodder. With a good horror tale you enter the realms of “anything goes” and you just run with the story.

Gunter is heading to Bucktown, drawn by stories of too many young children dying suddenly and unexpectedly. Working undercover (as who lets a demon hunter stroll around unchallenged?) Gunter identifies the hospital as the key focus point for his investigations. He can see the traces of a demonic presence and even smells the sulphuric odour left behind by the visiting evil.

He will be challenged along the way – a car which tries to force him off the road. Bloody messages left for him to find and an unexpected guest in his hotel room!

Gunter is driven by the desire to find what happened to his sister some years earlier.  She suffered personal tragedy and embraced darkness shunning Father Gunter’s God. Gunter, a former man of the cloth, now devotes his time to ridding the world of demons and puts his faith in the new tools of his trade whilst retaining some of his former apparel (holy water and crosses).

It all makes for an exciting game of cat and mouse as Gunter and the demon try to outfox each other – both aware of the other’s presence and both determined to kill their enemy. At around 200 pages it will not take long to read through The Bucktown Babies but it kept me entertained and that is exactly what I look for in a story.


Bucktown Babies is available in paperback, audio and digital format. You can order a copy here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bucktown-Babies-Father-Gunter-Hunter-ebook/dp/B01N2507SI/ref=sr_1_1_twi_kin_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1517341651&sr=8-1&keywords=bucktown+babies


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October 29

Descent to Hell – Nic Parker

A man forced to enter mankind’s most feared territory … a child dragged into the underworld!

When Charlie Ward’s beloved niece is kidnapped by an atrocious demon he has to find the secret gateway into the one place every human wants to stay away from: Hell!
Armed only with courage and determination Charlie has to survive in a forbidding place filled with despair and anguish. He must face challenges no mortal should ever have to undergo that threaten to destroy his very soul.


My thanks to Victoria Watson for the chance to join the blog tour to Descent to Hell and to Nic Parker for my review copy.


Halloween approaches and it was time that I got some tales of ghosts and evil entities onto the reading list. Descent to Hell sounded ideal and, very pleasingly, it was exactly what I needed – a clever and stylish adventure story (with demons, the devil and some nasty surprises).

Charlie is going to Hell. His choice. His niece is missing and Charlie has discovered that she was abducted by a demon.  As you may expect there are not many people who may believe that a demon can rise from Hell to steal away a child and Charlie has found himself under suspicion from the police into the girl’s disappearance.

Charlie finds a way to cross from the “real” world to the depths of Hell and decides that his sister’s happiness and the chance to save his niece is worth more than his own life. Charlie will risk everything to go to Hell and try to bring his niece home. .

The most pleasing aspect of Nic Parker’s Hell was that it was not a classic interpretation from Dante or the biblical depiction. No flaming pits of the damned, no obvious tortured souls – a modern cityscape awaited Charlie. Denizens of Hell who chat, have homes, comfortable beds (as Charlie finds out when “rescued” by a gorgeous bombshell who has her own “wicked” ideas).

Yes Descent to Hell is a horror tale (any book with Lucifer has to be such) but it is also funny in places, there is a crime undertone with an investigation ongoing into where his niece may be, there is an adventure thriller as Charlie faces numerous challenges to cross Hell to face the demon who took his niece.

Nic Parker writes in a very readable style. The story zips along and there was no feeling that she was trying to pad out the plot or to distract the reader with sub plots which don’t progress the main tale. The focus on the rescue remained constant and Charlie’s frustration over a lack of progress was always tangible.

Descent to Hell comes highly recommended. If you fancy a Halloween story but normally shun away from chillers or ghost stories then this clever thriller with its dark undertones is a great option.


Descent to Hell is published in paperback and digital format and you can order a copy here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Descent-Hell-would-rescue-loved/dp/3946413501/ref=la_B075TD51VV_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1509270636&sr=1-1&refinements=p_82%3AB075TD51VV%2Cp_n_binding_browse-bin%3A492564011


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